The 2nd annual Thanksgiving in Paris.

After the first annual “Thanksgiving in Paris” we still had 200 or so pages of the Paris lonely planet to see.  This time around we were able to slow down the pace, and actually feel like we were on a vacation.  I know what you are thinking, “Vinny Paris is so full of culture, their is no way you appreciated it not running around like someone training for an Ironman”.  To alleviate some of these inherent questions you may be asking yourself, I will ask (and answer) some for you.

Did I still have a full culture meter throughout the entire trip?  Yes…

Did I still eat cheese and drink copious amounts of French wine? Yes…

Did I have the Movember stash the entire time, and have it pointed out to me by at least one bartender? Yes…

Below are some pictures of some metal thing that was outside of our apartment window, last time I checked some Catalonians said “no way” when asked if it would be cool to build it in Barcelona circa 1888.  These were all taken on the same midnight stroll.

Disclaimer:  I have the upmost respect for this “metal thing”, and although you can not get any more cliche than taking night shots of the Eiffel Tower, I really did enjoy it.


Southern France in Black & White

If your going to have a dismal, mopey, black and white series, what better country to start with than France!  I usually stick to what I shot and how I shot it, but finicking around with iPhoto got the best of me.

French Alps

The ride through the french alps was one of the scarier roads I have ever been on.  It was very similar to the road to Imlil through the High Atlas except for the fact that the chance of being overtaken by a donkey cart were slim to none.  Luckily I was not driving, but that did not stop my  normal routine of getting lost and having the nervous sweats.  We eventually found a map and had to backtrack to get to our destination.  Throughout the hike we were surrounded by budding flowers, and the sounds of waterfalls from all of the late spring runoff.  Snow caps were still visible above the tree line and the water from the waterfalls were ice cold.  I don’t know if any French beer companies have a “Coors Light rocky mountain ad campaign”, but if they do I am positive I found where they would get the water from.  The hike ended at a runoff fed lake, that gave way to breathtaking views and a few picnicking french people.  While taking a nap on the hill next to the lake I felt like someone was playing a babbling brooke meditation playlist on itunes.  Very peaceful, very fun, very recommended.

“Hee Haw Haw” Southern France

To start my European trip this summer I spent a few days in southern france, which included stops in Grenoble, Voiron, Lyon, and the French Alps.  I was there for national music day, which is a big celebration all french cities do to welcome in summer.  That night Grenoble was jammed packed with young people and included a different band or performance on every corner of the city.  Other highlights included all the home cooking done by Melissa’s mom, which did not help the 2 abs I had going into this trip.  The food was amazing and was very appreciated.