Street Art in Cape town




The best 15 Dirhams you’ll ever spend

On our northern Journey we found ourselves pondering a taxi from Meknes to Fez.  I hate travel days, and ones in Morocco usually come with their own set of problems.  Enough of the taxi drivers will try a crazy tax that has some correlation using the amount of Arabic you speak versus the price of the taxi.  I never loved math in school but I know what the word exponential means.  I am fairly certain my Arabic skills put me in the severe ripoff zone.  My blood pressure goes up every time I approach a taxi driver BUT the one we worked with in Meknes was the best experience I have had with a taxi in morocco.  Our trip from Meknes to Fez (with two stops at Moulay Adriss, and Volubilis) cost my group a grand total of 700 Dirhams, which is way more than any Moroccan in their right mind would pay, but in the lower end of the ‘Murica tax bracket.

Below are some pictures I snapped at Volubilis, which ended up being one of the best pit stops I’ve ever taken.