Travel Day: Vienna

While in Budapest we made a point to spend a night in Vienna, being so close and not going would have been a mistake on our parts, and although we only had about 24 hours in Vienna, we tried to make the most of it.  We had a big win on the train ride over, a drifter came up and asked us if he could have our tickets if we were only going one way, a little confused we told him that we were coming back to budapest the next day.  He explained that the ticket we bought was actually a round trip ticket as long as you did not spend more than four days in Vienna.  I personally did not believe him because I would have figured the ticket lady would have told us, AND he was a drifter…  He said thanks anyway as he went farther up the train car trying to find his ticket home.

When we got to the hostel, we asked the lady at the desk and she reassured us that our ticket was a round trip.  20 euros for a round trip, not bad Eastern Europe, not bad at all.  We spent the day walking around, the city was beautiful, but we were just a few weeks to early for christmas season, which seemed to be getting set up in a few different areas.  We stumbled into a church that had fantastic lighting and seemed to be more authentic than most of the places I had been thus far.  After a few pictures in the church we had a few at a bar/cafe called Einstein, which did not click in my head for the first few minutes.  All in all Vienna deserved more time than we gave it, but it was still a great travel day.

A brief aside:  The drifter was really nice, and in hindsight he saved both my roommate and me 20 euros, the next drifter I see, is getting some coinage.