Evolutionary Mecca, The Galapagos Islands

Nearly 180 years ago Charles Darwin came to the islands as a 25 year naturalist who would rather draw barnacles than have a girlfriend.  Legend has it he was not always an old frumpy looking bald man with a beard, but a kid with a serious knack for Biology.  The statue of Darwin at his foundation is the Darwin that no one seems to think about, or at least the version that I have overlooked, the mutton-chopped naturalist who did all of the fieldwork that modern day Biology is based on.

I know what your thinking, did I see any Komodo dragons???

The answer is NO…  Since Komodo Dragons are not found in the Galapagos…. I did see lots of other animals, a lot of which are only found on the island chain.

I also met someone who appreciates terrible American touristy Spanish accents more than I do, and he happened to be a naturalist for National Geographic, and our guide for a few days.  He took us on a biological whirlwind of adaptive radiation, botany, invasive species, marine biology and ecotourism.  It made the 4 day scouting trip seem like two weeks,  more mentally challenging than physical, because lets be honest, not too many people want to discuss Biology outside of us foolhardy science teachers.


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