Puente Nuevo

One of the nicest bridges in the land.  Oh Spain, Mi corazon…


Modern Art: Philly Style

A trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art gave both my culture meter and my tourist meter a solid boost.  Sadly my flip flops and my “too cool for school” attitude prevented me from taking on the rocky steps, although there were enough german tourists who ran it for me to make me feel like I was training to fight Apollo.  Inside, the museum had a great feel to it, you could sit in some of the rooms and ask for some colored pencils and sketch just like any booshy art student pretends to do.  I would compare it to the Louvre but I still forget that America has that same capacity that Europe does for me to people visiting many of our great museums and galleries.  Although not a fixture, the postcard from that little girl was amazing, and may have been my favorite part of the museum.