One World Trade Center

My first time walking around the new World Trade Center complex.  A walk through the heart of New York City.


Brunch… The thing I will miss most about Morocco.

Brunch Brunch Brunch Brunch BrunchHello, my name is Vinny, and I love brunch.  After neglecting such a delicious part of the week for almost 24 years of my life I started brunching towards the end of last school year.  Brunch is not just endless mimosas, or at least it can not be about that in Morocco.  Drinks were of the non-alcoholic variety but I wouldn’t have had it any other way, at least not in Africa.

Cannelle, a restaurant in the french part of Casablanca was my favorite tried and true brunch spot.  By the second to last week our usual waiter stopped some newbie from giving us menus, a feat that could not have come at a better time.  The traditional, the only meal I got in over a year while eating brunch, consisted of a breakfast tagine with dried meat that was kept in and then cooked in lard with 2 sunny-side up eggs, topped off with a few different choices of Moroccan bread.  Everyone got three types of bread with each brunch, and each had its part in the meal.  The bread could be used as a scoop for the tagine, or a mini sandwich, or dipped in honey. All of this along with fresh squeezed orange juice and a cafe au lait that would time and time again put a smile on my face evened out my favorite time of each and every week.  All of the food and drinks came out to 55Dhs ($6).  Of the things I will miss about Morocco, this meal will surely be missed the most.  (Not counting life-long amigos)


Golfing in Morocco, a perfect sense of the “East meets West” type of culture most travel guides will talk about.  Out of all the times I have golfed since I was a 12 year old, club throwing, snowman having, pitch putter golfer I have only played link style golf a handful of times.  Out of all the times I had teed up, never have I golfed with 40 MPH gusts and a consistent 20-25 MPH wind.  Out of all the times I have golfed, I have never felt so helpless on 50-100 yard approach shots.  The course was well manicured, and looked wide open for the taking before the round actually started.  With the Atlantic staring down on the right rough on 4 of the holes and the rest of the course within a few hundred yards of the breaking waves, the golf gods were anything but kind.  The greens were as fast as I have ever scene, this is usually when you hear about how fast they were rated on a stimpmeter, but with no official reading I’ll just leave it to your imagination.  Anything short of a perfect drive was met with shaggy, deep, colorful rough, which I frequented.  All of this, plus a seven month layover from swinging a golf club led to some high scoring fun filled holes.

After the round, we hit the resort casino, which was small, but filled with Moroccan and Foreign gamblers.  After a great dinner filled with duck bacon and a few beers I found a spot on a black jack table and played for a few hours making back the money spent on the round and then some!  All four of us made money on the day, which almost made up for the scores we posted during the round.