A quick glance back at 2013

Friends were made, beers were drank, books were read, travel was done, fits were thrown, rants were given… and taken.

2013 showed that a good ear is hard to find, and the group of friends I have made here will last long after my time in Morocco comes to an end.  Fair weather friends are easy to find, but finding the ones that will simply sit and listen when you really need to yell and ramble, they are worth their weight in gold.

2013 gave me travel opportunities of epic proportions, with stops in 9 different countries and stints in great cities including Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Budapest, and Munich.  It also gave me the chance to see the Northern “Imperial” part of Morocco.

2013 saw a paradigm shift in how I travel.  With my handy dandy dSLR, my understanding of angles, AND my amazing flexibility, photography has become a big part of my traveling.  Here are the top 12 from the year,  a mixed bag between Morocco, the states and some of the places I visited this year.


4 thoughts on “A quick glance back at 2013

    • Thanks brother, I tried to get them in here, but they didn’t make it past the sweet 16. The Pinstripe Bowl was an awesome venue, but apparently the team that scores the most points wins the game, so that left a lot to be desired. Make sure to snag a few at the orange bowl, especially when the bands are playing, I missed an awesome shot of the ND band..

  1. The Chefchaouen long exposure was so fun to take. I could churn out a few “choose your own adventure” books if I had a summer, and a typewriter on that hostel balcony.

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