A ride through the mountains.

One of the simple joys of traveling is the three seconds after you wave to a little kid as your car passes them on the side of the road.  For those three seconds you feel on top of the world, because in your mind (or at least mine) that kid just waited all day to wave at you,  to the point where they blush or give their friends the secondary high five for their collective efforts.

In terms of travel days, going into the desert was terrible.  The Atlas mountains are beautiful, but the roads and the drivers do not work well with others.  As I moved to the front of the bus a weird sense of vertigo hit me as we went around turns going to fast, on a road that was to narrow, with a driver who did not seem to care or notice the flipped semi truck as we passed it…

Beyond that the views were as good as advertised, and in reality, the amount of landscape change from Marrakech to Merzouga is underrated, just like most of the scenery in this country.

Pit stops included:

– Coffee breaks for everyone

– Cigarette breaks for the chimney smelling French people

– Ouarzazate, the capital of the Moroccan movie industry.  Gladiator, Game of Thrones, Black Hawk Down, Body of Lies were all partially shot there.

– Todgha Gorge


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