The Most touristy square in all the land

Jemaa el-Fnaa is one of the most recognizable places in Morocco.  The center square of the Marrakech medina is home to overpriced food vendors, a souk, and enough odd peddlers to put the tourism meter on full blast.  It is odd that I have not been to the square since my second week in Morocco when I arrived last year, and even than it was only for a day.  I found myself in the same position once again, on my way to the desert I had a night in Marrakech to stop by a food vendor and complain about the overpriced, small portions of food.

Note, even when you pay crazy overpriced tourist prices in Morocco, a great meal is still around $10, it just stinks when the meal outside the bright lights of the square would be around $3, and most likely more authentic.


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