Candle light in the Desert

When I got to Morocco 16 months ago, the desert was a number 1 priority.  Although it took a lot longer to actually take the trip, it was well worth the wait.  We had a great group of people with us, and while everyone seemed to have a camera, not much was known about the ole’ Time Value (shutter speed) setting.  The inherent teacher came out of me as I described what certain settings did and it was fun to see everyone utilize their cameras in what was a once in a lifetime opportunity for most of the travelers in our group.

Disclaimer:  I did not attempt to pretend I knew a lot about photography, because honestly I do not, but I did mention that reading a manual and typing in “night shots” on the google-machine usually helps when you buy a fancy camera.

Double Disclaimer: A lot more coming from this trip in terms of photos/shenanigans


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