An Ode to Peaches Cafe

I still remember the first time I went to Peaches Café in Albany.  It was an intimidating experience.  I was a 21 year old, hung-over college student walking into the unknown mecca of brunch eateries.  Sitting around the tables were experts, were talking senior citizens… Old guys that still thrived on reading the Sunday morning paper and couldn’t work the Google machine if you paid them.  During a later brunch engagement, I even heard the name Stuart thrown around to one of the patrons, so yea, pretty damn classy.

Peaches is only a few hundred feet from the SUNY Albany campus, and for the first three and a half years I overlooked it going for the standard K2 bacon egg and cheese, or the sexy, yet dangerous Sunday morning beef patty special with extra hot sauce.  Peaches was an eye-opening experience, tucked away in Stuyvesant Plaza, Peaches serves the best breakfast in town.

The Big Breakfast is a Peaches mainstay, and it isn’t a man vs. food gimmick, where pure quantity overtakes quality.  It’s big enough to fill the best of appetites, but it takes more than a few bites over your comfort zone to eat the entire thing.     Out of all the times I have eaten at Peaches, I have only not gotten the big breakfast once, opting for the nut waffles.  Although delicious, why only get waffles, when you can get a waffle, scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries and a second mini plate of bacon for under $10.

I’ve had some good times at Peaches, and as my college years continue to distance themselves from the present, I hope that Peaches remains in Albany to fill the few students who take the chance to try something different.

Bonus Knowledge:

– Did I mention their coffee is amazingly simple, bottomless, and delicious?

–  Although I called this post an Ode to Peaches Cafe, their is no poetry here folks, beyond the poetry of bacon.


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