More to the Netherlands? Den Haag

As I departed from both my sister and Joe I headed to The Hague, which ended up being a very memorable few days.  A much smaller city then Amsterdam, it had a much more relaxed feel, and I hardly got ran over in the bike paths.  The demeanor of the people was much nicer overall.  Although their are tourists in The Hague, I did not see any Americans, mostly Europeans looking to get to a smaller beach city.

My trip was filled with the usual sightseeing, including the peace palace, which is houses the judicial seats for the UN.  A very cool place from the outside, although they only allow tours during certain parts of the year (obviously the farthest time from when I was there).  The Escher Museum was another bright spot.  After a few floors of his work my brain was in serious need of a reboot.  The last floor consists of a few hands on exhibits, where a bunch of kids and I couldn’t stop double-taking everything.

Did I mention its a city on the beach?  Like a really nice beach, that has beach bars.  Beyond the beach there was The Hague Grote Markt.  Where a bunch of bars surround a huge open air seating area, and since all the bars are owned by the same people, you can move around with your drinks, which was quite nice.

Beyond the usual touristy things and because of the extreme hospitality of a friend I was able to go to a Meatball Monday.  This is not something you will find on any trip adviser or lonely planet write-up but it was the best part of my time in the Netherlands.  A tradition that eerily reminded me of my parents Sunday dinner club, where the place changes hands every other week but the foundation of the meal, I think you could guess what that would be, remains the same.  I was able to talk with Neike’s family and feel right at home, which got me towards the realization that a week after I was leaving The Hague I was going to be back with my own family.

Although it wont be on anyone’s to do list when going on a Euro-trip, it was a great place to spend a few days and recharge the batteries.


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