Freaky Deaky Dutch

Amsterdam Ups and Downs:


1) The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel – Prisonesq white rooms, a weird cat piss smell throughout the hallway, have to false advertise having a good time by liking them on Facebook to get in the wifi.

2) No boating connections – I will dedicate at least 15 minutes of my time whenever I meet someone from Amsterdam that says they have a boat.  I’ll even buy them a mixed drink, if it ends up with me being able to ride around the canals with a beer in hand.

3) Old city folk – 30 seconds after we got off the tram we were trying to figure out what street we were on when some 60 year old women cranked her bike bell and yelled out “Some people Live HERE!!!”.  I was intimidated and could have rolled myself into a ball.


1) Mr. Gordonsky’s City Spy Map – I fell in love with this company in Barcelona, and would have spent as much time as needed to find the Amsterdam version.  A clear, pocket sized map, that has all you need to know and more on the back.

2) Brouwerij ‘t IJ – A microbrewery that has an awesome feel, and a few 10% beers that make the baby glasses they give you more than enough.

3) Mikes Bikes Tours –  The guide would periodically yell out “BUBBLES” and take out a bubble maker while riding ahead of us.  I found that legendary.  He was also wearing clogs, and since I am a tourist, I loved that too.


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