Like riding a bike…

Having previously been to Barcelona and done a walking tour I opted for the bike tour with my sister and my best good friend.  There is the old saying, “it’s like riding a bike, you’ll never forget”.  This is all fun and games until you have to get on a bike for the first time in 9 years.  About 10 seconds into starting the bike tour I was in a serious dichotomy of pretending to crash to stop the tour, and actually crashing because I was that bad at riding a bike.  My noggin kicked in once I was going fast enough, but I still couldn’t help but look back at my companions and laugh, as they were all seemingly having the same interior monologue of cursing our decision to do something different.    Besides the fact that my sister is borderline Peter Dinklage height (hovering around 5ft) and could not reach her  bike pedals, the bike tour went  pretty smooth beyond the whole stopping, going, not getting run-over thing.

We covered a lot more ground than we would have and we got a free beach-side beer.  In hindsight, it also got us prepped for the crazy bikers of Holland, which I firmly believe would have ended with something getting hurt if we did not have the calmer streets of Barcelona to get back our childhood skills.  Along the way we had pit stops at various cultural parts of the city, including the Gaudi fountain, which in my eyes is second to only the famed Sangrada Familia in terms of his work.

On the trip we also went to the Gaudi park, which was beautiful, but way to crowded and seemingly overrun by gypsies, even for a 35C day. Another spot I was a fan of was the La Boqueria market which had an array of homemade juices, pork, and lunch items.  Very colorful, very inexpensive, very good.


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