The Sunshine Conspiracy: Mr. C joins a band

The Sunshine Conspiracy: Mr. C joins a band

Questions you may have about my musical talents:
– Do I sing in the shower? Yes
– Do I have some mean “Mom Dance” moves on the dance floor? Yes
– Have I ever thrown down The “U” in the middle of a dance circle at a dive bar? Yes
– If you don’t know what “throwing down The U in the middle of a dance circle” means are we still friends? Just Barely

I could have had it all, the money, the women, the reality T.V. show. I was the glue that held “The Sunshine Conspiracy” together. It all came together on the last day of my week in Germany, on the Main bridge in Wurzburg.
Luckily I’m enough of a tourist to not bring a bottle opener to Germany. After a brief introduction to a couple of German guys holding guitars (and a bottle opener) I demanded a song, because I’m from New York, and that means I know people. They picked up my sarcasm right away and handed me the medium shaker and for the next hour and a half we made musical magic.
I shook that medium shaker to keep the baseline going, and every so often I’d step my game up and go on an straight armed to the sky medium shaker solo, which was well received by both my band-mates and the onlookers on the bridge. It was destiny. Sadly, my one real shot, was rejected because I did not know the intro to the Eminem song “Lose Yourself”, I have never been more pissed off that I did not love white boy rap in high school.
German music was one of the more pleasant surprises on my trip, the songs were either awesome 90’s classics, or had a very good feel to them. Two artists that stood out were Seeed, and Gentleman (no not Psy’s new song, a German artist).
I was also able to go to my first electric swing dance party, which I will undoubtedly go on a downloading rampage before this school year is through.
As the sun went down and dinner plans came upon me I put my medium shaker down and headed back to Morocco to get on with lesson plans, parent teacher conferences and AP biology exam prep.


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